It’s an honour to be a part of the institution that is all settled to provide an education that will strengthen the qualities of mind, heart and soul of the children, while helping them in growing up as concerned and aware human beings.

To us, at Vidya Global school, the child and its innocence are of utmost importance. Sowing the seeds of good habits, weaving a constructive lifestyle around and showing them the easy to adopt practices along with keeping their innocence and curiosity alive with passion, is a way of life at Vidya. All this will help them to create a society of progressive, caring and thoughtful individuals.

VGS is an extended family of students, teachers, parents and grandparents with its roots in the Indian traditions. We promote logical questioning, thoughtful reasoning, right argument and meaningful problem solving. The co-scholastic aspects are nurtured with various art forms and sports activities. Vidya Global school has the mission to create a new world order for the realization of individual and collective aspirations of mankind for a peaceful, safe, secure and just global society.

Team VGS is committed to help our young ones reach their desired goals.

Ms. Swapna A. Aphale