Vidya Global School is an inclusive day school. Admission is open to the students of all communities  regardless of race, gender, religion.

The admission forms can be downloaded from the website or they can be completed online. Vidya Global School enrolls students on the basis of the past two year’s scholastic, as well as co-curricular records from previous schools. Only if considered necessary, a placement assessment will be given to ensure that a student is placed in the appropriate grade. Whenever there is a doubt about the capability of the student, parents will be consulted and advised by the school about placing the student initially in the lower grade until it is established that s/he is capable of moving to the next grade.

Admissions Committee

Students will be chosen by the Admissions Committee composed of Principal, Admissions Officer, Section Coordinator, HOD- Special Educational Needs. An Overview of the Admissions Process.

We are looking for students who demonstrate a keen desire to learn, who are curious about the world they live in and wish to explore a variety of experiences in order to develop their innate talents. Vidya Global School is a residential school and students from all parts of India may be enrolled as full term day scholars.

All applicants will have the opportunity to tell us about their interests and achievements. Because education is a three-way partnership, we also look forward to having an interaction with their parents.


We receive many more applications than we have places. It is for this reason that; applicants are invited to Vidya Global School for a pre-selection assessment. The assessment consists of an intelligence test; a short composition designed to assess spelling, grammar and vocabulary; and two interviews: one with Principal and another with a senior VGS teacher. We also assess the reference from the child’s current school at this time.


After pre-selection testing, student receive either a guaranteed place; a guaranteed place in School to be confirmed; a waiting list place; or no offer. Parents of students with firm places (i.e. the first two categories) are asked to pay a fee deposit. Subject to vacancies, VGS offers education to children of all localities.

Supporting Documents required to complete the Admissions Process

  • Duly filled Application form
  • Physically fitness Report duly signed by a medical practitioner.
  • Photocopy of the Birth Certificate along with proof of citizenship
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended
  • Conduct/ Character Certificate from the school last attended
  • Photocopy of the scholastic achievement records from the school last attended confirming successful completion of the preceding class. Results for last two years (if applicable)
  • Four Passport Sized Photographs
  • Any other information Parents consider necessary for the school to know.
  • Payment of fee.